Breeding Services

Pedigree Analysis

Oaklands Stud is happy to provide pedigree analysis and advice to any clients looking to breed with any of the stallions on our roster.

Mares Under Lights

From the 1st of July each year, all maiden and dry mares are put under lights in order to enhance their opportunities for early a early service date. Oaklands has carried out this process for over thirty years and have rendered exceptional results. All commercial breeders know the value of an early service date.


Foaling season forms one of the most exciting times of the year at Oaklands. In order to ensure the process is undertaken as successfully as possible, Oaklands provides five purpose built, pasture improved lights yards overseen by experienced foaling assistants at all hours of the day and night. With Oaklands located within a 10km radius of Darling Downs Vets, owners can rest assured that in the event of a foaling emergency, prompt, 24-hour care will be provided to their mares and foals. As well as a close relationship with Darling Downs Vets, Oaklands also provides in house veterinary care at the purpose built veterinary hospital located onsite.

Stallion Services

Oaklands offers walk in walk out breeding services for both local and interstate studs. Whilst at Oaklands, trained breeding and stallion handlers will be present to ensure safety of mares and stallions is of upmost importance throughout the mating process. All services are undertaken in Oakland’s purpose-built breeding facility which ensures a quality breeding environment for future champions.

Mare and Foal Agistment

Over the years, Oaklands has developed a successful rotation system for mares and their foals. This system was designed to facilitate optimal foal development through the rotation of mares and foals through various pasture improved paddocks, dependant on their developmental needs.