Comprising of over 1000 acres of undulating fertile pastures, Oaklands boasts the perfect conditions to breed and grow future champions.

Oaklands Stud, established in 1979, was once a Friesian dairy farm until it was strategically converted into one of Queensland’s premier thoroughbred breeding Studs. Stud Principal Neville Stewart, proudly operates alongside his family with the common goal of consistently producing quality racehorses to be sold both nationally and internationally. When searching for the ideal location to found his stud, Stewart was drawn to the rolling paddocks of Oaklands, essential to muscle and bone development of thoroughbreds at all stages of life.

Oaklands Stud boasts large water allocations for irrigation purposes, this aids in maintaining luscious green pastures that are essential for the growth and development of horses reared at the stud. In compliment to the prosperous agriculture, Oaklands also comprises of state of the art facilities vital in the preparation of pregnancy, weanlings, yearlings, broodmares and stallions.

Neville Stewart

Founder & Principal of Oaklands Stud

Neville Stewart, proud founder and principal of Oaklands Stud has a strong passion and long-term involvement in the Australian Thoroughbred Industry. After founding Oaklands in 1979, Neville has continued to work and live on site, growing the business with his three sons: Alex, Alistair and Hamish. Neville has been an active member in the Australian Thoroughbred Industry serving as The Toowoomba Turf Club chairman for twenty-one years, on the Queensland State Racing Board for six years and as Chairman of The Downs and South West Racing Association (principal club controlling thirty six race clubs across the downs) for fourteen years. Neville’s passion and commitment to the industry saw him being awarded the honorable Order of Australian Medal in 2007 for service to Thoroughbred Horseracing. Of all his success in the industry, Neville claims his greatest enjoyment and proudest moments to date include those shared with clients. “Watching my clients and friends achieve success, whether it be in the breeding barn or on the racetrack and sharing in their smiles is what truly makes me happy and my job a success.” Today, Neville is enjoying watching his son’s achievements in an out of the industry and is looking forward to a plentiful and successful future for Oaklands Stud.

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Alistair Stewart

Junior Principal & Nominations

alistair stewart

From a young age, Alistair, son of stud Principal Neville, has had an interest and passion for the Thoroughbred Horse Industry. Alistair grew up around horses and has always been involved in their care and development. As Junior Principal of Oaklands, Alistair has a particular interest in bloodlines and enjoys working alongside Neville learning the ins and outs of the industry. Alistair hopes to work to bring a youthful approach to Oaklands and draw on his skills and ability to reach all generations and educate them and continue working alongside them with the common goal of furthering the Thoroughbred Horseracing Industry.

Hamish Stewart

Junior Principal

hamish stewart

Youngest son of stud Principal Neville, Hamish, enjoys undertaking a more physical role at Oaklands. Along with Alistair, Hamish enjoys learning about bloodlines and furthering his knowledge in pedigree analysis. Hamish has a passion for building strong client relationships and looks forward to introducing his contacts to the industry. Currently pursuing a professional Rugby Union career, Hamish enjoys coming home to Oaklands as much as possible.

Our Management Team

Grant Free

Agricultural Manager

Grant begun his career at Oaklands Stud at the young age of eighteen. He joined Neville in 1980 and was an essential contributor to the development of infrastructure at Oaklands. As Agricultural Manager, Grant takes pride in his work and strives to produce feed that is as organic as possible and integral in the growth and development of horses throughout all stages of life. From 1980 to today, Grant has worked above and beyond for Oaklands and is a vital contributor to the stud’s past, present and future.

Stephen Lamb

Stud Manager

Commencing at Oaklands in 2015, Stephen brings extensive knowledge and experience to his position of Stud Manager. No stranger to the thoroughbred industry, Stephen ran his own Darling Downs based breeding operation and is a horse breaker by profession. As manager at Oaklands, Stephen oversees the day-to-day operations of the Stud and is primarily responsible for the growth and development of all horses on the farm. Stephen displays upmost care and attention to horses throughout all stages of the rearing process and works to pass these skills on to the rest of his team.

Melissa Argent

Office Manager

After joining the team at Oaklands in 2017, Melissa assumes all administrative duties. With extensive experience in office management and administration, Melissa forms the first point of contact at Oaklands. Available five days a week in the office, Melissa is eager to help with any client concerns and queries regarding Oaklands Stud.